Getting Around

SD%20Cty.jpgDuring the Summer of 2007, the San Diego Nutrition Network - The Network for a Healthy California - San Diego and Imperial Region  as well as the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department expressed interest in developing the recreation prescription program in San Diego County...  after a few discussions with Dr. Searles, a few months of serious preparation, and an energetic SDC%20Parks%20Rec.jpgplanning meeting with over a dozen inspired community members...  it's almost launch time!

    Starting in the Summer of 2008, the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department will pilot their recreation prescription in Spring Valley, Caifornia.

    The pilot will include both a low-cost Rx option as well as the free component offered in the traditional program.  After 6 months, we'll all evaluate our progress and in the meantime, we hope a whole lot of people will start integrating physical activity into their lives. 

As their program develops... will provide an online forum for San Diego County, allowing them to provide updates, moderate discussion among stakeholders, order additional resources online, and provide access to other support for program participants to download.