Getting Around

Recreation and the Underserved

Neighborhoods, schools, the workplace… these are just a few of the places in our communities that help define how healthy we are, or how sick we can become. Access to affordable and nutritious foods, safe and walk-able neighborhoods, and worksite wellness programs in the places we spend our days all have a bearing on our health.

graffiti.jpgPeople living in underserved communities are often uninsured and under-resourced while at the same time shouldering the highest burden of preventable diseases such as diabetes and obesity. They are also much more likely to live in neighborhoods that do not support their doctor’s recommendations for healthy living. Whether it’s a lack of sidewalks or street lighting, community violence, or lack of affordability of recreation programs… there are lots of good reasons why underserved families shut themselves inside and avoid getting out to increase physical activity.

patty%20cake.jpgBy bringing people together in one network, we hope to help communities and the health care professionals that serve them meet the challenge of improving the health of the underserved in their regions. By tying families to recreation centers, the program increases access to safe and structured physical activity and social connectedness through community recreation.


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